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October 4, 2010
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APB Whistler Step by Step by arnistotle APB Whistler Step by Step by arnistotle
Here is Whistler broken down step by step.

1- Lineart~ I used HB lead on high quality copy paper (it's really white and smooth, the one with the Aa on the cover). Scanned it and tinted it green in photoshop. Why green? I don't remember!

2- Though i liked the single pistol, I think there were a few girls I designed already at this point who had pistols, so I decided to give her something different. I referenced some kinda AWP sniper rifle. I also wanted her to look more 'enforcement' like, so I gave her pants. Mr poncho also gets some love.

3- Made a new layer and filled it with this peachy color as a base.

4- I thought a gradient base wash would be interesting, although it has little effect on the character. It does however, make me look at the entire image as a whole differently. Slapped some skintones on her on a Soft Light layer.

5- Put a multiply layer on top and started to work in some shading to her skin, and some reds to her cheeks.

6- New layer again, but this time just a normal one to paint over the details on her face and head.

7- Same as 6.

8- Same as 6, but I started to shade the vest here as well. Also added a giant green K to the top left for no apparent reason...

9- I don't know if you'll notice this from the jpg, but I lowered her head beacuse her neck looked too long. Also darkened the vest with a multiply layer. The girl to the left becomes BB Hood....

10- Here I work on the rendering of the vest, gun and pants. Everything for the past few stages have just been painting and rendering of details. With a little bit of adjustment to proportions. Oh yeah, Gouken shows up for some reason...

11- Everything gets brightened, her uniform turns blue, and I finish rendering the rifle.

12- Added the little trinkets and decals. It's pretty much done at this point. Time to whitewash!

Final- The final version was brightened up even more, and some minor details are touched up.

Here is the final - Whistler
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Cobalt-Crow Jan 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
When you scan it, what settings do you have the brightness and contrast at? Your sketches are so clean and nice! ;D
monkeyartis Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow nice tutorial i will try it
Jiekobu Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
TRhis is tottally awesome
IAmAir Aug 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Excellent illustrations.
thanks for showing your process! PRO!
awdreams Jun 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Awesome style, awesome colors!
The sniper rifle looks like an L118A :)
This is really neat! She looks so bad ass.
justclaire44 Dec 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
coool man : )
hhiste Dec 20, 2011   Artist
Completely blown away, Arnistotle!
I just started playing APB (courtesy of a reference from a friend...grrr...getting me hooked on videogames), and the one thing that really struck me was the character design.

How you do it, I do not know. But it is brilliant work--and I'm very thankful to see Whistler broken down, step by step, here in your deviation!

Keep kicking, Arn.
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